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3 Resources to Prepare You for Fire Emergencies

The unpredictability and intensity of wildfires make preparedness that much more important. Take advantage of our resource kit to ensure your response strategies and capabilities are updated.

This preparedness kit contains:

White Paper
Gain Situational Awareness to Improve Critical Event Management

The lack of advanced warnings of where a wildfire spreads means you must be able to gather, assess, and distribute information in real time. This white paper, written by Regina Phelps, will show you how to quickly turn intelligence into action.

New Tip Sheet image thumbnail.jpg Tip Sheet
Safety Communications During Severe Weather

During a wildfire, the ability to deliver clear evacuation notifications and other instructions to your intended audience can be the difference between life and death. This guide offers communication best practices officials can use before, during, and after severe weather to help keep people safe.
why-messages-fail-thumbnail.png Webinar Replay
Why Messages Fail

Wildfire safety communications may fail due to 1) unclear message content 2) failures in technology and infrastructure. This webinar replay provide message writing best practices as well as an understanding of what makes communication systems resilient and robust in the face of severe weather emergencies

Make sure your preparedness plans are up to the task as wildfire season heats up; download the Wildfire Preparedness Kit today!

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