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The Everbridge Vaccine Distribution Management platform allows government agencies to address the many challenges around vaccine appointment scheduling. The scalable Everbridge platform is relied upon by over 5,000 global customers so you can be sure the system will not crash and leave residents frustrated and confused. It offers data and targeting features to increase reach and facilitate two-way communication. Automated appointment signup provides clear status information. Vaccination heatmaps can be used to discover and address problem areas.
Watch the latest press coverage of West Virginia's use of Everbridge's Vaccine Distribution Management platform. 

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"We have started what I believe is the first program in the country where we're partnering with a digital identification and communication system called Everbridge where we are now starting to pre-register every West Virginian in the state and we're using an online portal and a phone portal for people who don't have that capacity to go online." - West Virginia COVID-19 Czar Dr. Clay Marsh

"What this does is alleviate one of the bigger frustrations." - Sarasota County Commissioner Christian Ziegler