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Managing Physical and Digital Security Threats in a Post-COVID-19 World

In August 2020, we sat down with seven leading CSOs and CISOs to discuss how COVID-19 was impacting their organizations and the challenges that they were facing as they were forced to adapt to “the new normal”, where most of their workforce had shifted to working remotely. Since then, organizations have had to mature their security programs to ensure the physical and digital safety of ongoing threats, while preparing for the return to the office.

Watch, as we regroup with the original speakers to discuss where they were six months ago, the changes that have been made to their security protocols – digital and physical, how they are planning for the “return to office”, as well as how corporate security will change, and the need to embrace technology post-pandemic.


  • Jeffery Wiegand, CSO, American Family Insurance
  • Adam Lee, CSO, Dominion Power
  • Larry Trittschuh, CSO, Health Equity
  • Steve Pazienza, CSO, Humana
  • Russell Koste, CISO, Alexion
  • Lev Kubiak, CSO, Pfizer
  • Moderator: Tracy Reinhold, CSO, Everbridge

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