Spiceworks Video Meetup:
Best Practices for Resolving Your IT Incidents Faster

Communication is the key to any team’s success, but this is especially true in IT support. Your Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) is often best solved by reducing the Mean Time to Know (MTTK). In other words, sharing and communicating information can have a bigger impact than the actual technical issue you need to resolve

In this video meetup, we discuss the top reason your MTTK may not be optimized, and ways your IT incidents can be resolved faster. Spiceworks sits down with IT pros from the Community and experts from Everbridge to find out ways IT teams are improving their communication time.

What you'll walk away with:
  • Challenges with communicating with geographically dispersed team members
  • Dealing with alert fatigue and determining which ones you really need to be paying attention to
  • The problems and limitations of relying on email and SMS for communication

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