Ryan Rohr, Vice President of Sales, Everbridge Signal

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The internet has changed how we communicate, collect, store, manage, and share information. Ransomware, cyber-attacks, terrorism events, online bullying and active shooter incidents are occurring more often than ever before. Having access to this information in real time augments risk management on behalf of your community, staff, faculty and students.

Watch 5 Best Practices For Monitoring Threats Online webinar today as Ryan Rohr, Vice President of Sales, Everbridge Signal, will answer questions regarding cyber threat intelligence and identify lessons that can be applied to improve your organizations online security practices regarding the deep and dark web and social media:

  • What is OSINT and Cyber Threat Intelligence?
  • Review the differences between social media, blogs/forums and deep & dark web
  • How organizations can cast a wider net and filter relevant intelligence
  • Identify emerging threats, receive real-time alerts and monitor developing situations
  • Save time and resources, protect employees and manage operational risk

About the speaker

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Ryan Rohr brings over 12 years of leadership working with global enterprise and government agencies to the North American and European markets, helping organizations proactively monitor online intelligence to provide actionable data insights.

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