Preparing for the 2020 Season During COVID

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Business continuity specialists, cybersecurity experts, and others in the field of crisis management are trained and prepared to manage critical events, but the extent and duration of the novel coronavirus pandemic have tested the resilience of command centers the world over. On top of the pandemic and all else, this year is predicted to be the third busiest hurricane season on record, following only 2012 and 2017.

Those unable to respond quickly and completely to critical events risk losing thousands, if not millions, in revenue and associated costs. Now is the time to assess your systems and processes to ensure their health and efficacy.

This white paper outlines:

  • Severe weather in context - Predictions and weather forecasts for 2020
  • Four key steps to preparing risk responses that mitigate harm to your organization
  • Automate action plans, SOPs, and communications that provide your teams with timely information and actionable data

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