Enabling Safer Cities for the Long Term

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Urban centers are facing multiple, growing, and often overlapping threats, from everyday criminal activity to terrorist attacks, and rising civil tensions. Critical events sparked by the effects of the pandemic, extreme weather, and active assailant incidents have also become more frequent occurrences.

Alongside these ever-increasing risks, decreasing revenues and shrinking budgets are another rising trend. Together, these highlight a strong need for more innovative thinking to find technology which enables cities to get more out of their existing resources and work more effectively with public and private community partners to offset budget shortfalls.

This whitepaper gathers knowledge learned from some of the world’s most progressive cities, where leaders had the vision and drive to see beyond the present to the future. It covers topics including;

  • The Transformational Power of Technology
  • Boosting Safety Simply
  • Efficiency Benefits of Leveraging Community Assets
  • Combining Data Securely
  • The Importance of Privacy

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