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Between September 2021 and February 2022, Gatepoint Research partnered with Everbridge and invited selected executives to participate in a survey themed Critical Event Management Strategies. Candidates from several industries were invited via email and 150 executives have participated to date.

Management levels represented are all senior decision makers: 10% hold the title CxO, 19% are VPs, 49% are directors, and 22% are managers. 100% of responders participated voluntarily; none were engaged using telemarketing.

When an emergency strikes, everyone in an organization needs to know how to react. Leaders need to have a strategy in place to ensure operational continuity and security, among other concerns. How are companies preparing for the unexpected?

This survey asked respondents to report:

  • How do you find out about critical events that threaten business operations?
  • Can your organization automatically detect, assess, and mitigate a variety of threats?
  • Do you have an operational risk group in place to handle business continuity and secure operations?
  • What would help your organization be better prepared to handle critical events that threaten business operations?

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