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Institutions of higher education (IHEs) continue to take active measures to protect their community both on and off campus after a long-term response from a global pandemic. As students, faculty, staff, and visitors return to campus, security remains a top priority.

A path to critical event management (CEM) will provide the community with a positive sense of protection when managing critical events especially to those keeping their guard up after being distant from campus and incidents continuing to occur over the globe. Download Protecting the Campus Community with Critical Event Management today for answers to such questions as:

  • Planning is the first step to maintaining a safe campus environment for your community but how are you informed of potential threats?
  • General preparedness information can be valuable to student safety but how can that information be shared?
  • How are community assets such as people, facilities, and equipment being protected when something bad happens?
  • What does continuity and recovery mean to the campus community?

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