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Globally, and across all industry verticals, organizations are accelerating digital transformation to drive growth and profitability. Safety and security are no longer about guards, gates, observation, and reaction, but about automation, analytics, and proactive control. The digital transformation of safety and security highlights the need for agile, adaptable security professionals and practices, to uphold duty of care and business resilience responsibilities.

Learn from global industry leaders, on how they are embracing digital transformation to manage critical events and day-to-day operations, increasing their speed and decisiveness to prevent harm to people and disruption to operations. Ultimately, safeguarding people, facilities and assets while ensuring business continuity are everyday CEO concerns.  

Hear Everbridge Chief Technology Officer, Imad Mouline; Finastra Chief Executive Officer, Simon Paris, and EXPO 2020 Senior Manager, Systems, Fatma Alawi, discuss the opportunities driving Safety & Security Digital Transformation.

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