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Mass Notification Resource Kit
Best Practices & Tips for Effective Critical Communications

Download the Mass Notification Resource Kit to learn about best practices and tips for effective critical communications. This kit includes 5 of our top mass notification resource:
  • Incident Communications: Top 8 Focus Ares to Mitigate Risk
  • Top 10 Tips for Successful Message Mapping
  • Resiliency & Scalability in your Critical Communications Platform
  • Mobile Communication Aids Critical Communication Concerns & Response
  • An Analysis of Private Sector Broadcast Confirmation Data

During an emergency or business continuity event, it is imperative that everyone involved or affected is given the most recent and accurate information – before, during and after an event.
Sending a mass notification is the best way to reach all affected parties, but are your messages actually reaching the right people? Is there enough contextual information? And how can you be sure that the recipient received the message?