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Managing Multiple Threats: COVID-19 and Beyond

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While businesses worldwide are planning their return to work strategies, other threats can impact business continuity at the same time. From IT outages to random acts of nature or even the impact of an economic crisis, businesses face a wide range of threats on a day-to-day basis. How do you manage the complexity of multiple threats? 

During this webinar, industry experts share their knowledge on managing multiple threats and how the right insights and software can help mitigate the impact. Speakers include security and crisis experts Glenn Schoen (Boardroom@Crisis B.V.), Erik de Vries (ASIS & DutchRisk), Caroline Naumann (Control Risks) and Tracy Reinhold (Everbridge).

You’ll learn:

  • How today’s threat landscape is changing – often in unexpected ways
  • Which obstacles can hinder effective critical event management
  • Why stakeholder buy-in and comprehensive strategies are essential
  • The importance of consistent communication
  • What makes an effective critical event management platform

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Glenn Schoen
Glenn Schoen
CEO at Boardroom@Crisis B.V.
Example Speaker
Caroline Naumann MPH
Associate Director, Crisis and Security Consulting at Control Risks
Example Speaker
Erik de Vries
Senior Regional Vice President of ASIS Group 9 (Europe) and owner DutchRisk B.V.
Example Speaker
Tracy Reinhold
CSO at Everbridge