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The last year has been a wake-up call for business leaders and security professionals all around the globe. Critical events—from severe weather and active shooter incidents to power outages and civil unrest—have accentuated organizations’ need to be resilient.

Creating organizational resiliency is imperative to protect one’s people, infrastructure, and business. But how does one achieve this? How does one get started? If the disruption of 2020 and 2021 has shown us anything, it’s the unbreakable relationship between resilience and technology, and its power in allowing organizations to respond, adapt and grow safely and securely.

In partnership with ASIS, Everbridge is delighted to bring you the Operational Resilience Roadshow: Seattle. This in-person, one day event will examine how businesses can build operational resilience in the face of disruption. The questions we will tackle include:

-What is the future of resilience and how does it differ from past strategies?
-What are the biggest challenges companies face in building operational resilience and maintaining business continuity?
-To what extent can businesses be proactive in preparing for a crisis?
-How are businesses integrating resilience into corporate strategies? How can they effectively pool cross-business resources and ensure company-wide buy-in?
-How did Covid-19 impact business operations and what are the main takeaways?

Take a peek at our agenda for this live event, and we hope to see you there!

Date: Thursday, November 3 from 12:00pm-4:30pm PT
Location: The Bellevue Marriott, Bellevue, WA




Welcome Remarks:
Teresa Anderson, Moderator, ASIS


Keynote: Finding Joy in Doing it "Right" - Best Practices in Achieving Operational Excellence and Resiliency with Your Security Program
Michael Bacon, Founder and Manager Partner at Rezolvrizk, Former CSO at Wells Fargo


Session: Trends and Strategies for Managing Risks with a Hybrid Workforce
Sean McDevitt, Everbridge




Panel Session: Operational Resilience in an Ever-Changing Risk Landscape
Teresa Anderson, Moderator, ASIS
Sean McDevitt, Everbridge
Michael Bacon, Founder and Managing Partner at Rezolvrizk, Former CSO at Wells Fargo
Michael Delamere, President, Premier Risk Solutions LLC


Closing Remarks:
Teresa Anderson, Moderator, ASIS

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