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Every day, organizations are faced with an increasing number of threats that could wreak havoc on their business operations. Crises like COVID-19, civil unrest, cybersecurity attacks, and severe weather often result in major financial losses, reputational damage, or even the loss of life. Learn how having technology-enabled business resilience solutions and plans in place before crises strike can provide companies with more successful outcomes.

Learn key insights from PwC’s 2021 Global Crisis Survey including:

  • How executives responded to how well their companies were prepared to manage critical events
  • What role digital transformation played in their response to critical events
  • How many executives believed they had the right technology in place to manage multiple crises and continuity of operations

Watch the webinar to become eligible for a complimentary 30-minute discussion:

  • Join a PwC consultant to consider resiliency planning for your organization
  • Examine PwC's Global Crisis Survey results with a PwC expert so you can leverage the data to build an internal business case for resilience planning and technology investments
  • Talk with Everbridge's Senior Director of Partnerships and Alliances to learn more about benefits from the Everbridge and PwC joint business relationship 

Meet the speakers

Dave Stainback: Crisis Consulting Leader and Cybersecurity, Privacy & Forensics Partner, PwC

Dominic Jones: SVP, Business Development, Everbridge

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