Michelle D. Coussens, Business Strategist, Plan B Consulting and Matt Schmid, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Everbridge

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Extreme weather events are on the rise and will continue to cause more damage in the future. Although many organizations already have robust strategies and tactics for the mitigation and response to climate-related risks, the ability to form successful messaging and communications during threats can give an organization's leaders a strategic and tactical advantage in managing them.

Indeed, the best way to ensure operational continuity, employee safety and infrastructure security during severe weather is by implementing communication strategies and smart technology to ensure efficiency, provide ongoing awareness, and to help activate automated emergency response plans when danger arises.

Join us for an engaging and informative session, where you will gain insights on:
  • The predictions and extreme weather forecasts for the second half of 2022
  • What the “Assess, Locate, Act, and Analyze” model is and how it’s proven successful during severe weather
  • Best practices for effective communications during severe weather events
  • How to best utilize smart technology during these crises

About the speakers

For over fifteen years, Ms. Coussens has owned and operated Plan B Consulting. Services span speaking, training, and organizational assistance in preparing strategic and business plans, project management, leadership, operational excellence, ethics, diversity and inclusion, and other related topics. In addition, she facilitates business meetings and retreats and conducts market analysis and competitive intelligence for various types of entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide. Since 2005, she has developed and taught courses for NeighborWorks® America, which provides funding and technical assistance to community development entities nationwide, including courses on strategic and business planning, organizational effectiveness, operational efficiency, and critical thinking for better results. Earlier in her career, she worked in various analytical roles and even performed and led the actuarial analysis for a leading insurance carrier.

Matt Schmid is Sr. Manager of Product Marketing at Everbridge, focusing on both the Business Operations and People Resilience solution areas. Joining Everbridge in 2020, Matt’s career spans several industries including SaaS solutions, market measurement, healthcare, and manufacturing. Matt’s role at Everbridge includes educating business leaders on protecting employees while proactively shielding businesses from risk. Matt holds a BS from Illinois State University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

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