Bart Rys, Director, Business Solutions at Everbridge

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The acceleration of Digital Transformation has put increased pressure on IT to keep business running. Organizations are consolidating IT practices across different platforms, however, there is a need to holistically consolidate Critical Event response to both Digital and Physical Events to Keep people safe, and businesses running. When your Organization is faced with an IT Critical Event such as service disruption, security breach, cyberattack, or a data center outage, the service management teams need to engage the right response teams and communicate with frustrated impacted business users and stakeholders.

In this webinar, Bart Rys shares best practices for Integrated Incident Response by walking through integrating Everbridge CEM capabilities with different platforms. You will learn about:

  • Out of the Box ServiceNow data Integration
  • Automation targeting the right teams on the first try
  • Self Service On-Call and business subscriptions to combat Alert Fatigue
  • Maximizing Operational Efficiency by Operating within a Single Pane

About the speaker

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Bart currently works as a Director, Business Solutions for the Global Center of Excellence. In this role, he supports Everbridge globally on the execution of Enterprise Strategy and Sales support of the IT Alerting product. Prior to this role, Bart was a Sr. Engagement Manager, streamlining IT Operations and Incident Response for countless Enterprise clients by deploying the Everbridge Platform with a maniacal focus on Customer Success.

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