Security Operations Centres managing critical events

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Operational risk can come from a variety of sources both internal and external. When an operational risk impacts an organisation’s people, assets, systems, supply chain, or brand, it becomes a critical event for that organisation. Expertly managing such events is imperative for organisations, and in response, they’ve invested in security operations centres (GSOC or SOC): physical and/or digital workspaces dedicated to providing an organisation with a common operating picture and coordinated response to risk events and threats.

This paper highlights the need for effective converged digital and physical Security Operations Centres in managing critical events. We explore seven principles that help an organisation elevate the role and value of its security operations centre, taking it from the “basement to the boardroom,” so to speak. We conclude with recommendations for expanding the role of operations centres from a tactical operations centre responding to threats to one that’s also a strategic competitive advantage for your organisation

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