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As organizations around the world prepare to bring employees back to the office while also preventing and reducing COVID transmission among employees, the CDC recommends conducting daily in-person or virtual health checks. Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace, but creating entirely new, and temporary, processes like wellness checks is a daunting and expensive task.

Everbridge automates wellness checks so that you can focus on growing your business and protecting your assets. Mark McGovern, Senior Technical Sales Engineer, outlines:

  • The power of Everbridge’s wellness check software, including maintaining privacy compliance.
  • Surveying your employees to assess their health, symptoms, and vaccination history.
  • How to determine your employee’s readiness for work, and to share vital information as it arises.

About the speaker

Mark McGovern, Senior Technical Sales Engineer at Everbridge

Mark works closely with clients to keep employees safe and businesses running. He has implemented the Everbridge platform for federal agencies, state and local governments, hospital systems, airports, rail systems and private corporations.

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