Strengthening Operational Resilience

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Your ability to manage critical events and everyday business disruptions must evolve alongside the trajectory of your organization. 

You likely have a mass notification solution in place already. However, as your organization grows, for example increasing the number and locations of employees, physical assets, and suppliers, a stand-alone mass notification solution may no longer be enough to meet your evolving needs for safety and security - both physical and digital. 

Our paper, The Evolution of Mass Notification into Critical Event Management, looks at what's next after mass notification software when managing critical events. It covers:

  • Mass Notification vs Critical Event Management (CEM) software
  • 4 key elements of a CEM strategy
  • How a CEM software platform protects your organization
  • 5 key business use cases for a CEM platform
  • 7 benefits of a modular CEM platform

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