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IT and Digital teams around the globe are constantly being asked to reduce downtime, do more with less and increase their productivity. Sometimes that goes beyond the capabilities of an already considerable workload.

Using a combination of xMatters and Moogsoft you can avoid outages, meet SLAs, reduce error budgets, and help accelerate the digital transformation of your business using AI and Machine learning by identifying and resolving incidents before they become service incidents.

Join our next Everbridge Live session as we dive into ways you can:

  • Use AIOps monitoring insights from Moogsoft with xMatters to reduce the noise and only create alerts for what is important
  • Trigger incident responses and Toolchain automation to resolve issues quickly whilst logging and tracking all information
  • Reduce IT alerts to enable your team to be more focused and productive
  • Learn how you can efficiently integrate your tools to talk to each other with one platform
  • Provide analytics so you can identify problem area

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