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The Road to Recovery - Watch On-Demand

Everbridge hosted The Road to Recovery on October 14th and 15th. The global event brought together tens of thousands of senior executives, government officials and healthcare experts from 150 countries. Sessions focused on how to resume operations and successfully navigate the new landscape for a safe return to work in the new normal of the pandemic. Additional topics included leadership lessons and the global challenges we’re facing in the 21st century.

The event gathered 50+ executive speakers from organizations such as the CDC, Ford Motor Company, IBM, Capital One, The Coca-Cola Company, The Mayo Clinic, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and more. Speakers addressed the needs of executive-level decision-makers in areas related to security, operations, risk, human resources, clinical operations, emergency management, and supply chains.

In addition to a keynote from Dr. Anthony Fauci, hear from CEOs, CIOs, governors, mayors, hospital executives, professionals from the CDC, and other leaders in the fight against COVID-19.

On-demand sessions include:
• Public Company Board of Directors Panel: COVID-19 Risks and Opportunities
• Managing COVID-19 from the CEO/President Perspective
• Return to Work for the Fortune 500: Ensuring Safety, Security and Productivity
• Human Resources Amid COVID19: The New World of Work
• Meeting the Information Security Challenges and Cyber Threats of the Pandemic
• CIOs: IT Imperatives Amid COVID-19
• Protecting Your Brand: Crisis Communications Management for COVID-19
• Outlook for Vaccines: A Conversation with Dr. Nancy Messonnier of the CDC
• Healthcare Delivery of the Future: Insights from the Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente
• The Continued Road to Recovery for Healthcare Systems
• Government Approaches to Protect the Public and Reopen Economies Amid COVID-19
• The Power of an Information Sharing Network to Better Manage Critical Events
• Safe Cities: Returning Passengers to the Skies Safely with Smart Airports
• The Digital Transformation of Higher Education During COVID-19
And more!

*Note: Some sessions were closed to the media with no personal recording, photography, or note-taking permitted.

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