Are you prepared for the influx of patients to your hospital?

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It’s estimated that over the next two months 48 million patients will be admitted to the hospital due to COVID-19. Wayfinding, indoor GPS for hospitals, is transforming critical event management by helping hospitals better triage care and manage capacity through the following capabilities:


• Mapping to set up routes to guide patients to certain areas and prevent them from entering other areas to reduce COVID-19 exposure. 
• Interactive guides that can be updated instantaneously, should hospitals need to adjust testing and appointment locations.
• Digital signage to push notifications and preventative safety information to patients.
• Turn-by-turn indoor navigation, providing reliable indoor positioning of 1 to 2 meters, navigation cues, visual landmark references, off-route notification and more.

Learn more about wayfinding and how it can help hospitals manage the influx of patients coming into the hospital.


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