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Hospital leaders face numerous challenges on a daily basis – from a rapidly evolving healthcare industry to new and cumbersome government mandates. Many of these challenges have a common symptom, namely ineffective communications between key stakeholders. By implementing a unified communications strategy you can create a connected hospital, which ultimately results in improved patient outcomes and ROI.

Join healthcare IT thought leader Shahid Shah (“The Healthcare IT Guy”) and unified communications expert Imad Mouline to learn how effective communications strategies help your hospital best connect to staff and patients. Forward-thinking CEOs and senior healthcare executives will leave with actionable knowledge to create a connected hospital, better manage communications, and drive better outcomes by:

  • Responding faster to IT incidents with automated alerts when EMR and other clinical systems go down
  • Reducing code, STEMI, and other alert errors with quick, template-driven notifications
  • Communicating efficiently with colleagues, patients, and healthcare professionals outside of your hospital network without violating HIPAA privacy rules to improve patient outcome

Watch the replay now to discover how unified critical communications can help create a connected hospital.  

Webinar Replay: How Leader's Effectively Manage Communications

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