Get Ready for Business Continuity Awareness Week
Critical Communication and Incident Kit
May 16-20, 2016

Business Continuity Awareness Week is an annual global event to help organisations demonstrate the value of business continuity and why they should apply it to their organisation. Get ready for Business Continuity Awareness Week with a Critical Communication and Incident Kit.

Inside your kit you will find lots of useful tools to help raise the profile and perceived value of Business Continuity as well as helping you prepare for critical events such as cyber-attack. Download your Kit now to get access to the following documents and video snippets:

  • Posters you can print for use inside your organisation
  • Preparing for cyber-attacks
  • In case of Emergency, Break Glass – e book
  • Trends in Business Continuity: Exploring the Past and Planning for the Future
  • Give Mass Notification a day job using IoT
  • How to effectively manage a mass notification system
  • ENS Buyers Guide