How Tech-led Innovation Can Support a Safer Campus

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The pandemic has shown that without a safe learning environment, colleges and universities cannot deliver on their institutional mission. The statistics tell a grim story:

  • Mental health across the country has been severely impacted, with an 11% increase in symptoms of depression and 75% of college students who deal with higher levels of anxiety, depression and stress.
  • Undergraduate enrollment fell 2.5% for fall 2020
  • Financial losses across higher education institutions are estimated at $183 billion.

Luckily, Fall 2021 is projected to be, if not totally “normal,” then far closer to normal than the previous school year in regards to in-person instruction and campus life. Now is the time to consider, propose, and fund safety initiatives. No one could have predicted the pandemic, but now your community wants to know that you prioritize the protection of students and staff.

Download Bringing Your Campus Back to Life today as this whitepaper will focus on following safety and security considerations, along with functional capabilities that provide for strategic improvement for colleges and universities in the new normal. Topics include:

  • Understanding threats to your campus
  • Responding to a threat in a timely manner
  • Fostering positive cyber behavior to protect college/university networks

If your institution is deficient in any area, consider seeking a solution in advance of the Fall 2021 return to campus.

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