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Original Broadcast Date - June 27, 2018

ServiceNow-Everbridge Integrated Solution
Use ServiceNow as One-Pane-of-Glass for Alerting, Resolver and Stakeholder Communications and Collaboration to Resolve IT and Cyber Incidents Faster 

IT incidents happen all the time, some more critical than others. For incidents which require urgent attention, IT experts needs to be engaged in a timely manner and different groups need to be informed. Learn how Everbridge integrated with ServiceNow helps:
  • Identify who needs to respond? Who needs to be informed of the issue? Who needs to be notified so they don't open new tickets?
  • Ensure IT teams respond and are accountable, wherever they might be?
  • Make IT teams collaboration easy and efficient, again, wherever people might be?
In this webinar, we will provide a hands-on session on how to trigger multi-modal notifications - manually or automatically - targeting the right on-call resolvers, impacted business users and key stakeholders.

We will also discuss how you can leverage the new MIM module brought with the Kingstone release.

How to Automate Incident Response with ServiceNow and Everbridge

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Vincent Geffray
Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Bart Rys
IT Alerting Engagement Manager