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For security, during any event – especially an active shooter incident – your organization’s employees, facilities, operations, and brand are important to protect. However, when not managed effectively and efficiently, that can come at a high cost that isn’t limited to just dollars. So, how can your organization minimize its overall risk for active shooter events?

Watch this exclusive webinar that focuses on:

  • Consolidating information stream/sources
  • What to plan for when it comes to active shooter events
  • Managing incidents, keeping employees informed, and improving outcomes
  • Using integrated technologies as a part of a global active shooter response plan
About the Speakers

Steve-Crimando.jpgSteven M. Crimando, MA, CHPP, CTM, is the principal and founder of Behavioral Science Applications LLC, an operational risk management consultancy based in the New York metropolitan area. He is an internationally-recognized expert in the prevention, response and recovery from incidents of mass violence, and has developed violence prevention and active assailant response programs for government agencies, hospital and healthcare systems, and multinational corporations. Mr. Crimando has published many professional articles and several textbook chapters on violence prevention and serves as an expert to the media and the courts on active assailant intervention. He has provided high-level violence prevention and active assailant response training programs to professional and academic audiences in business, intelligence, military, and first responder organizations.

Annie.jpgAnnie Asrari is a Senior Director of Product Management at Everbridge. In this role, she oversees the vision, strategy and execution of Everbridge Open Ecosystem, the company’s extensive global technology Partnership framework. Expanding on this Ecosystem, Annie is leading the product integration with CNL to broaden the Internet of Things (IoT) reach across Everbridge. This critical integration will help organizations bring disparate physical security systems together to provide a single view of operational risk to keep organizations and people safer.

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