Steve Crimando, MA, CTM, Principal and Founder Behavioral Science Applications, LLC

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Every organization and community is susceptible to violence, regardless of size, industry, or location. Stories of workplace violence and mass and school shootings have unfortunately dominated the news throughout 2022 and are on an upward trend. But what if you were able to get ahead of these emerging active assailant threats?

All crises have a human element behind them. It is important to understand the dynamics of the violent event, plan for the full cycle of the event, and prepare those at risk with the necessary information and skills. The ability to form accurate behavioral assumptions can give an organization's leaders a strategic and tactical advantage in managing active assailant threats.

Everbridge presents you with a three-part webinar series taking place this August. We will kick part one off with Steve Crimando, a behavioral psychologist who will examine the established and emerging behavioral risk indicators during active shooter threats. New research and case examples will be discussed to keep you up to date in the best practices around active shooter/active assailant prevention. Register today to learn:

  • Why the active shooter threat landscape is changing and how this affects safety, security, and business continuity
  • Observable concerning behaviors that may aid in the early identification of at-risk individuals
  • Considerations for holistic incident planning and improved communications

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About the speaker

Steve Crimando is the founder and principal of Behavioral Science Applications LLC, and the director of the Homeland Security Human Factors Institute. He is an internationally known consultant and educator focused on the human element in security, emergency management, and business continuity. Mr. Crimando is a Certified Threat Manager (CTM) by the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, and a Certified Master Trainer for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security - National Threat Evaluation and Reporting program. With more than 30 years of frontline field experience, Mr. Crimando was deployed to the 9/11 and 1993 World Trade Center attacks, the Northeast anthrax screening center, and many other acts of terrorism and mass violence.  

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