Webinar Replay: Starbucks | Creating a Connected Organization through Critical Communications

Speaker: Chris Hartinger, Business Continuity Enterprise Emergency Manager, Starbucks

If you needed to reach your employees, partners, manufacturers and other key stakeholders at a moment’s notice to deliver sensitive or even life-threatening information, would you be prepared to do so? Now imagine you are one of the world’s largest consumer brands and a leading retail provider of premier coffee with over 200,000 employees scattered across thousands of different locations in just North America alone. To make matters more interesting, two thirds of your staff do not have a company-issued devices or email address. Could you confidently say you could deliver critical information as quickly as possible under these conditions?

For Chris Hartinger, Business Continuity Enterprise Emergency Manager for Starbucks, the answer is “Yes.” Watch the exclusive webinar, Starbucks | Creating a Connected Organization through Critical Communications, to learn how the company overcomes different challenges to effectively manage critical communications on a global scale. In this webinar Chris discusses:

  • Why Starbucks needed a notification system
  • Challenges they face when notifying different types of employees
  • Working with partners in their retailer, manufacturer and distribution channels
  • Ensuring product quality and safety while in foreign countries
  • Ensuring accountability and compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Thinking beyond traditional notification and leveraging connected systems to harness the internet of things (IOT)

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Chris Hartinger is the Senior Specialist for Business Continuity and Emergency Management at Starbucks Coffee Company.  He is responsible for Starbucks global emergency management team along with their global crisis response program.  Chris has over 15 years of experience leading organizations in business continuity, crisis management, emergency response, disaster education and personal preparedness.