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Managing Multiple Threats: COVID-19 And Beyond

16.09.2020 12:00pm

Thank you for your interest in our Managing Multiple Threats webinar. Returning to the workplace COVID-19 and beyond.

While the effects of COVID-19 are still being felt worldwide, businesses are making regional plans to return to work. This needs to be effectively managed alongside other critical events that can impact people & operations.
Our webinar will introduce you to Critical Event Management (CEM) and guide you through a new era of complexity, helping you manage the challenge of today and prepare for whatever the future might hold.
You’re just one click away from discovering the latest insights from the global crisis and critical event experts.

You’ll learn:
• How businesses are managing reopening effectively
• How today’s threat landscape is changing – often in unexpected ways
• Which obstacles can hinder effective critical event management
• The importance of consistent communication
• What makes an effective critical event management platform

Event Speakers

Example Speaker
Mike Croll
Global Security Advisor
Example Speaker
John Ludlow
Example Speaker
Suzanne Cross
VP, Sales, Northern Europe
Example Speaker
James Lythe
Associate Director, Control Risks
Example Speaker
Charlotte Megarity
Associate Director, Control Risks