Webinar Replay: Using Social Media Wisely During an Emergency (Healthcare)

Review this complimentary webinar, How to Use Social Media Wisely During an Emergency Incident: with Janet Kennedy from Get Social Health.  Janet will share her expertise and best practices for hospitals looking to use social media as part of their communication efforts during an emergency incident.  She will draw on examples from active shooter to natural disasters to highlight what can work well to help keep your community informed when an emergency hits your facility.

Topics include:  

  • A brief overview of healthcare and social media 
  • How social media can help during an emergency
  • Real-life examples of using social media well
  • Thinking about who should be on your social media team during an incident
  • Best practices for social media during an incident 
  • Building your social media community and trust so you're ready if something happens 

This webinar was chock-full of useful information and had high ratings from our audience. We invite you to watch it today. 

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Janet Kennedy is a 25-year marketing and social media consultant for healthcare supporting healthcare practices. Janet is the Host of the Get Social Health podcast sharing best practice stories and interviews about social media in healthcare.

She is the co-founder of the Healthcare Marketing Network, a vibrant global community of freelance healthcare writers, authors, and communications creatives and is a member of the External Advisory Board of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network.