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2017 Active Shooter Preparedness Update

Available On-Demand
Steven M. Crimando, BCETS, CHS-V, Behavioral Science Applications

According to the American Hospital Association, 95% of hospitals have active shooter policies in place. But recent incidents have encouraged many hospitals to review their plans to incorporate the latest safety techniques.  

This webinar is recorded and available on-demand; 2017 Active Shooter Preparedness Update for Hospitals. In this webinar Steve Crimando, explores numerous topics to better prepare hospitals and healthcare organizations for an active shooter emergency, such as: 

  • The evolving threat posed by active shooters
  • Lessons learned from recent incidents
  • The effect of the opioid epidemic on preparedness plans
  • The special concerns associated with healthcare and hospital settings
  • Recommendations for preparedness, response and recovery

We created the information so you can put it to use immediately at your facility, we hope you find the webinar helpful with your preparedness planning.

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Steven M. Crimando, MA, BCETS, CHS-V is an internationally known consultant and educator specialized in the application of the behavioral sciences in homeland and private security, violence prevention, crisis management, and disaster response.  He is a Certified Trauma Specialist (CTS), a Certified Police Instructor, and holds Level 5 Certification in Homeland Security (CHS-V). He is a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, an expert in threat assessment and threat management, and is frequently called upon by law enforcement agencies, the media and the courts to provide insight on workplace, school and community violence prevention.