With Steve Crimando, Principal of Behavioral Science Applications

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The term, “Active Assailant,” has evolved to ensure that planners and responders anticipate the full range of current security threats. In addition to the risk of violence involving firearms and explosives, the uptick in vehicular ramming attacks, often followed on by attacks with knives, demonstrates that these complex and dynamic threats now take on a variety of forms.
Having an active shooter response plan is no longer enough. Organizations and institutions must be prepared for new attack methods and develop policies, plans, procedures and exercises aligned with today’s realities. This webinar provides participants with:
  • An update on the current threat environment
  • Strategies for expanding from Active Shooter to Active Assailant preparedness
  • Approaches to development of Active Assailant training and exercises
  • Demonstration and participation in a virtual Active Assailant
  • Discussion-based Exercise Virtual “hot-wash” and lessons learned
  • Resources for Active Assailant exercise development

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