Building Emergency Messaging into Your 
All-Hazards Weather Plan

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Speaker: Brian Toolan, Technical Account Manager for the AlertFlorida Statewide notification system, and former Operations Chief for the State of Connecticut Emergency Operations Center

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2017 set the record with $300 billion in severe weather related damage in the US. Even this number doesn't encapsulate the full disruption and loss of life of affected residents. Proper severe weather preparedness can mitigate harm, and the 'all-hazards approach' can provide a flexible, efficient framework for planning and response.

Hear our speaker Brian Toolan present strategies for all-hazards preparedness, such as:

  • Increasing reach through resident opt-in successes
  • Maximizing your messaging potential through multi-modal messaging
  • Creating effective and actionable messages and message templates
  • Improving procedures through system wide testing

View the severe weather webinar: