How do you prepare for an emergency that would be considered rare for your organization? How do you get ready when you’re not sure what to expect? Is your staff prepared when an incident occurs? Get the knowledge you need from the experience and lessons learned by your peers. Discover the real life and proven-effective best practices The Town of East Haddam, CT, uses to manage communications with their staff.

Join special guest speaker, Craig Mansfield, EMD at The Town of East Haddam, as he shares lessons learned during unexpectant spades of hurricanes in the state of Connecticut, an emergency which is rare in the Northeast United States, and how they used their notification system to prepare their members for this incident.

You will learn:

  • Notification process best practices of The Town of East Haddam, CT
  • How to prepare for the emergency no one thinks will happen
  • How to use a mobile solution to your advantage as a part of your incident response

Webinar Replay:
Preparing for the Unexpected with the Town of East Haddam, CT

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