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Communication avenues have grown exponentially in recent years. Traditional media is no longer the only reliable source to gather information. Residents are now turning to social media and other devices to receive important news and information regarding their community. While communication channels multiply, it has become more challenging for public safety to effectively communicate with a population segmented across different platforms. In today's world of rapid information sharing, it is important for public safety to understand the best ways to relay information to residents.

In this whitepaper, Messaging Best Practices for the Modern Pubic Safety Official, you will learn the best and most effective ways to send out a message to your community including best practices to leveraging different communication channels such as social media. Other topics include:

  • Messaging during the Lifecycle of an Event
  • Harnessing the Power of the Google Network
  • Communication Channels as a Force Multiplier 
  • Social Media Messaging

Messaging Best Practices for the Modern Public Safety Official