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Mass communications systems are gradually becoming commonplace in healthcare organizations across the globe. These systems can now be used to:

  • Improve code calling and STEMI alerts with multiple contact paths
  • Allow ER charge nurses to quickly and efficiently communicate with staff to fill open shifts and automate staffing processes
  • Communicate across multiple facilities in the case of a regional emergency or disaster

In this paper,  Everbridge has brought together several of its most progressive users to share their expertise and industry best practices. These insights can be applied by every healthcare organization to improve operational efficiency and critical communications.

Meet the experts:

  • Stephen Monteiro, Capacity and Emergency Management director at Boston Children’s Hospital, manages the mass communication system for the world-renowned 395 bed comprehensive care center for pediatric care.
  • Tim Klippert, emergency preparedness manager at University of Colorado Health, uses mass notification across multiple facilities at the highest-performing academic hospital in the United States.
  • Kelby Hill, preparedness coordinator at Texas Trauma Service Area G Piney Woods RAC, manages the top-down functionality of their mass communication system across all 33 RAC area hospitals.

Best Practices for Mass Communication in Healthcare