Critical events can happen at a moment’s notice. Often response efforts will involve numerous departments and individuals. If an emergency scenario hit your municipality, are you confident your organization would be able to communicate accordingly? What would be the consequences if you didn’t?

Watch the replay of the webinar, Expert Insights: Department Coordination Through a Crisis Communication System to learn from industry experts, Cindy Barbera-Brelle, Executive Director and Sue Cooper, Operations Manager of Northwest Central Dispatch System. The webinar will highlight how the organization leverages a system to work with other departments to ensure public and employee safety. Here is a sneak peek at the agenda:

  • Why NWDS needed a critical communication system
  • Internal uses and organizational needs
  • Keeping employees trained and proficient with notification system
  • How Northwest Dispatch reaches citizens 
  • Additional Use Cases
Expert Insights: Department Coordination Through A Crisis Communication System
Watch the Webinar Replay!