Download The White Paper, El Niño 2016 Forecast! 

This report is based on the forecast presented by WDT (Weather Decision Technologies) during a December 10th, 2015 webinar.

Severe weather poses a constant threat to cities and residents across the United States. The country is currently expecting a strong El Niño season and it is clear by the storms, mudslides and snow in Southern California that El Niño is upon us. Recently, we hosted a webinar with Dr. David Gold, a Senior Scientist, and Mike Gauthier, Senior Vice-President of Weather Decision Technologies (WDT).

In this exclusive report based off the December 10th webinar, you will learn what to expect from this El Nino season, how it compares to previous seasons and how to leverage WTD tools to prepare, mitigate and respond to severe weather events. Other topics include:
  • What is El Nino and what does the data suggest in regards to the upcoming season
  • How does climate change impact El Nino
  • What can be learned from previous El Nino season

El Niño 2016 Forecast – 8 Questions with Weather Decision Technologies

El Nino Forecast 2016