By Marty Fox

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When critical events occur, rapid response is vital to successful resolution. However, many organizations still rely on time consuming, outdated and cumbersome processes that include manual call trees, spread sheets and text documents that cannot scale when an incident requires it. There can be numerous consequences to an organization that can affect its performance and potentially result in life safety issues. So, what should an organization do to automate their business continuity processes?
Download this white paper, Digital Transformation for Business Continuity and Beyond, to learn key best practices and suggestions on the subject.
Marty Fox, industry thought leader and author of The Ultimate Business Continuity Success Guide covers the following topics:
  • Transitioning to automated tools and technology
  • The types of tools you need
  • How you can use technology to build a real-time resilience program that scales
  • Building ROI (Cost, Time, Credibility and Employee Safety)
  • Leveraging the right technology

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