Prepare for Severe Weather Season

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Severe weather incidents vary in terms of their lead time, potential impacted areas, and destructiveness. Managing to wildfire response requires different strategies than managing a response to a tornado. So how can Emergency Managers formulate a comprehensive severe weather response plan with such a wide array of threats?

Common Questions on Severe Weather Preparedness is part of our Everbridge ‘Common Questions’ webinar series. We’ve assisted thousands of organizations in planning and executing emergency response, and we are bringing the knowledge to you. This webinar will address common challenges that our clients have struggled with when preparing for various forms of dangerous weather, including:

  • How to prepare your system for severe weather
  • Increasing your opt in's before severe weather season
  • Partnering with the NWS for success
  • Watch vs. warning and how messages are sent
  • Publishing options for greater outreach

We also encourage you to submit questions using the field provided in the webinar registration form.

brian-toolan-headshot.jpgSpeaker Bio - 

Brian Toolan joined the Everbridge family in April 2016 as the Technical Account Manager for the AlertFlorida Statewide notification system and currently serves as the Director of Government Strategy. Brian came to Everbridge after completing a 24-year career in public safety with the State of Connecticut. Brian served as the program manager for the Urban Search and Rescue Task Force where he gained valuable experiencing utilizing the Everbridge platform as a customer.

Brian was also the Operations Chief for the State Emergency Operations Center and served the State during historic blizzards, hurricanes, floods, the largest natural gas power plant explosion in the US and other natural and man-made disasters. While serving as the TAM in Florida, Brian has assisted the State Division of Emergency Management in the Florida Emergency Operations Center during Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma.

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