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COVID-19 is shifting use of higher education technology. Schools across the country are scrambling to establish, expand, and maintain online learning systems for students and faculty, while at the same time, institutions are increasingly targeted for cyberattacks. Remote work for IT Operations teams has increased, presenting new challenges to collaboration. System availability is more critical than ever towards the mission of your institution. Optimizing the incident management process is a key factor to maintaining uptime.


This webinar will discuss new issues IT teams are facing and best practices to maintain system availability for higher education institutions, including:

  • Challenges in remote IT Operations
  • Underlining issues in online learning and cybersecurity
  • Best practices in remote IT Management
  • An overview of IT incidents in Higher Education
  • IT solution mapping

College and universities can prepare to handle critical incidents through proper planning and identifying roles within the IT operations teams. Attend this webinar for strategies for maintaining system uptime for your students, faculty and staff. 


Speaker: Bart Rys

Senior Manager - Industry Solutions

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