Introducing COVID-19 Shield: Real-Time COVID-19 Threat Alerts Tailored to Your Business

During the coronavirus pandemic, your organization’s need to identify risks, protect your workforce, and manage disruptions to operations and your supply chain has never been stronger. Everbridge COVID-19 Shield was designed to help you meet those needs.

COVID-19 Shield Solutions:

  • Receive COVID-19 Alerts correlated to your people and assets
  • Know who is impacted: at the office, working remote or traveling
  • Keep people away from unsafe areas
  • Manage wellness checks, travel bans and supply chain disruptions
  • Receive COVID-19 Situation Reports by e-mail
  • Communicate with stakeholders (SMS, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Track and audit disruption procedures with task lists and collaboration

Three COVID-19 Shield solution packages are available to meet the unique requirements of different organizations.

Please fill out the form to schedule a brief demo to learn which package best meets your needs.