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Watch the replay of this Expert Insights webinar, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: Maintaining Enterprise Operations with Effective Communication Strategies, to learn how CHOP leverages technology, including Everbridge’s unified critical communication platform, to prepare for all types of situations, with an all-hazards planning approach for situations that may impact normal operations or patient care. Brian F. Maguire Jr., Emergency Preparedness Planner, CHOP, will introduce attendees to CHOP’s emergency preparedness program and training process, while addressing the many benefits of having a critical communications solution in place for other day-to-day operations, including:


  • Maintaining a role-dependent communications process and managing on-call schedules and profiles
  • Two-way communication to key staff members with message confirmation and polling
  • Reduced communication errors with predefined message templates
  • Maintaining a holistic view and database of all employee contact paths and devices
  • Code alert communications
  • Automated escalation if the first person in a message chain doesn’t respond


Watch the replay now to discover how CHOP approaches incident preparedness and communications!


Webinar Replay: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia:

Maintaining Enterprise Operations with Effective Communication Strategies