5 Part Video Series

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In this video series we bring together the key industry best practises which are the foundation of an effective multi-channel public warning system.

These best practises have been gathered by Everbridge over the past 19 years and are based on our experience of designing, building and deploying public warning systems worldwide and from listening to the feedback from emergency managers at both state and countrywide level.

Presented by Imad Mouline, Chief Technical Officer for Everbridge.
Each video is around 3 minutes long.

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Best Practise 1
Communicate across all phases of the incident

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Best Practise 2
Communicate with all stakeholders

Best Practise 3
Communicate with the right people at the right time

Best Practise 4
Leverage Location Intelligence

Best Practise 5
Maximise the effectiveness of your public warning systems with Cell Broadcast & Location-Based SMS

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