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This month, the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) published its latest research project, The Emergency Communications Report. The report—co-sponsored by Everbridge—surveyed over 600 industry professionals, reviewing and analysing emergency communications plans and processes deployed by organisations across the world. Report highlights include:

  •  A growing awareness of the importance of emergency communications: According to the report, less than 15% of organisations do not have an emergency communications plan. 
  •  Enterprise Mobility—Global communications/safety considerations are critical: More than 30% of organisations reported that their employees frequently travel to ‘high-risk’ countries. 
  • Training, testing, engagement/buy-in, response and analysis: These processes are all imperative to success, but still nascent and under-utilised. 
  • Social Media—continues to grow in importance as an emergency communications tool: 42% of respondents use social media to monitor their staff during emergencies.

BCI Report: The Emergency Communications Report