Active Shooter Preparedness and Response in Healthcare 

Date/Time: Wednesday, February 17th, 2016, 2:00 PM (ET)/11:00 AM (PT)
Steven M. Crimando, Principal, Behavioral Science Applications

Active shooter incidents have become increasingly common in all types of settings, and present a significant threat in all environments where large groups of people gather. Healthcare and hospital environments present specific challenges including a potentially large vulnerable patient population and the duty healthcare workers have to care for patients during emergencies, which require leaders and decision-makers to explore specific options for preparedness and response beyond “Run-Hide-Fight.”

In this webinar, Active Shooter Preparedness and Response in Healthcare, Steven M. Crimando, MA, BCETS, CHS-V, Principal, Behavioral Science Applications, will explore numerous topics to better prepare hospitals and healthcare organizations for an active shooter emergency, such as:

  • The evolving threat posed by active shooters
  • The special concerns associated with healthcare and hospital settings
  • Recommendations for preparedness, response and recovery

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Steven M. Crimando, MA, BCETS, CHS-V is a nationally-recognized expert in the prevention, response and recovery of active shooter incidents. He has developed workplace violence prevention and active shooter response programs for government agencies, hospital and healthcare systems, and multinational corporations. Mr. Crimando has published many professional articles on this topic and serves as an expert to the media and the courts in the area of active shooter intervention.