2018 Active Shooter Incident Preparedness Report

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Everbridge recently concluded a survey measuring Active Shooter incident preparedness in organizations across the United States. Since our last Active Shooter report in 2016, there have been 686 mass shootings involving over 3,100 casualties, so it is becoming increasingly important to keep your active shooter plans up-to-date in this constantly evolving landscape. 

50% of companies surveyed still have no communication plans in place to holistically inform all impacted people, regardless of employment status (contactors, visitors, full time employees, etc), that there is an incident, and two-thirds of companies said it would take minutes for a notification to be deployed. Most Active Shooter events end in less than 10 minutes, but employees surveyed prefer a notification within seconds of the event occurring. 

Download the full report to gain access to:
- 7 actionable best practices to amp up your Active Shooter Response Plans
- Industry leader insights from experts like Regina Phelps and Tracy Reinhold
- A comprehensive analysis of the 2018 results, and a comparison to what was said in 2016

To see the full results of this survey, along with actionable best practices, download the report now.