Imad Mouline, Chief Technology Officer. Everbridge

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Critical Events cause business disruptions everyday, from operational disruptions like IT outages and supply chain disruptions to catastrophic manmade or natural events like active shooters or severe weather. In fact, these events are on the rise. According to the Economist, the number of weather related disasters worldwide has more than quadrupled to approximately 400 a year since 1970.

Minimizing or even mitigating the impact of a critical event, preventing unnecessary business disruptions, while keeping your people safe is critical in maintaining business operations. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to achieve this goal. This is where a Critical Event Management (CEM) plan comes into play.

Download this white paper which explains why the traditional approach to managing emergencies and business disruptions is outdated and shares a holistic approach to Critical Event Management that enables a more unified, efficient, distributed, automated and collaborative process.

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