Bill Reese, Product Marketing Director, Everbridge

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In 2020 we saw an exponential increase in cyber security attacks and specifically, coronavirus themed spams. Both large and small organizations alike, were not prepared for the 273% increase of events over 2019. Now with the debate on doing more with less and companies choosing not to return to the workplace, we find an increasing trend of cyber-attacks will hit astronomical proportions and catch many off guard. 

The need for a resilient cyber security plan has become more prominent given the multiple exposed vulnerabilities in the IT network technologies of several companies. Watch as Bill Reese takes us through:

  • Preparing your company for a cyber event
  • Building a team to mitigate risk
  • Creating a plan for an "all clear" in recovery
About the speaker

Employed at Everbridge for the past four years, Bill has been in the IT Industry for over 25 years with a focus on IT processes and good practice. Over the past 15 of those years, he has spent time specifically helping government departments and agencies, higher education, and commercial customers focus on process improvement through automation. These areas include critical events with digital incidents and cybersecurity processes and solutions. In his off time, Bill enjoys teaching others Wilderness Medicine and Skills in austere environments.

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